About Us

Established in 1946 by Elmo Davenport & Eugene Piquet, El Genes started out as a small radio repair shop that prided itself for providing exceptional service to the community. In the seventy-three years of business, we have seen incredible advances in technology. From radios, CD's, and the first colored television in Rexburg, to smartphones, laptops, and SmartTVs, we have seen it all. 

Seventy-three years later, we are still here doing what we do best: providing our customers with exceptional customer service and quality.

Located in Rexburg, Idaho, we carry a wide variety of products and services. We specialize in computer repair, wireless networking, and appliance parts. In addition, we sell, install, and repair appliances, TVs, home theaters, and more. We strive to always provide exceptional customer service at El Genes, and no matter what your need may be, we can help with that.


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